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Retails stores look for news landscapes to reopen

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The Future of Retail

The retail industry is eager to see what the future holds. Will there be driverless cars? Or robots as sales clerks, and stylists in the form of magic mirrors? While no one has a crystal ball, JLL surveyed 1,500 consumers on their expectations of retailers and shopping experiences in the next decade.

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The Future of Retail is…

… personal touches and a good time.

Across all generations surveyed, an efficient customer experience was critical with more than 1/2 of respondents indicating a skilled customer service person is the biggest factor in improving their shopping experience.

… being well and healthy.

JLL found that more than 40% of people want to see open green spaces in their shopping centers, while another nearly 40 percent are seeking stores that provide healthy food and drink options while they shop.

… sharing.

JLL found that 70 percent of Millennials and Gen Zers are willing to partake in the sharing economy. These environmentally conscious generations are leading the charge for shared products and services.


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