Solving brand experience with Six Dimensions.

We’re living in a time where our phones recognize our faces, our cars are on the verge of driving themselves, and we no longer have to go to the store to get something within the hour. People use their phones while they shop – or simply to shop without leaving their homes. Everything is omni-channel. Millennials want “Instagrammable moments.” And Gen Z is spending more on experiences than physical things. The next “big thing” is always right around the corner, and brands and retailers alike are burdened to keep up.

What is brand experience?
So often, “brand experience” is defined by trends. But remarkable experiences need not be buzzworthy to be successful – they simply need to meet – and hopefully exceed – the needs of shoppers. That’s the reason for Big Red Rooster’s Six Dimensions of Brand Experience – our framework grounded in fundamental human needs, rather than trends. In our latest study, we asked 2,000 shoppers across the country how a range of retailers, in sectors from apparel to health & beauty to home improvement, are meeting their expectations today.

The bar is high across retail sectors
The importance of each dimension is almost equal across sectors. Retailers should not fool themselves into believing that low prices equal low expectations – they don’t. Shoppers have high but nuanced expectations from off-price to electronics.

There are clear ways to win
While the usefulness of the Six Dimensions lies in their simplicity, the power of the framework is measuring the gap between shoppers’ expectations and their retail reality. Each of the 10 sectors studied has specific, actionable issues that can be addressed to close this gap immediately.

What can you do?
Over the past two decades, we have worked with the world’s biggest brands, creating transformative human experiences based on shoppers’ needs and balanced with business priorities. But never have decision-makers had so many levers to pull and ways to spend their limited budgets. Our Six Dimensions framework can help you prioritize strategic investments in ‘experience’ – whether you’re in Development, CX, Marketing, or Operations.

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