Back to basics: the importance of Intuitive.

It’s a firehose of content out there. Shoppers are overstimulated by screens, paralyzed by choice, and deprived of life’s most precious commodity: time. Not only are shoppers selective about where, when, and how they shop, but studies suggest that they have eight-second attention spans. It is no surprise, then, that Intuitive was rated among the most important of our Six Dimensions of Brand Experience – a fundamental human need for simplicity and ease.

Is being intuitive a lost art?

Consider the range of products and services you offer. Is it easy for shoppers to find them in your store? Think about how frequently they shop, in store or online. Do they spot new or unique items each time? In terms of simplicity, brick-and-mortar stores are no different from digital. Shoppers long for logical flow, natural adjacencies, and for retailers to make their lives just a little bit easier. Even as the world of retail becomes more complex, Intuitive remains table stakes.

Simplicity strengthens loyalty

In nine of the 10 sectors we studied, shoppers’ expectations were highest in the Intuitive dimension. It is also the dimension where retailers are currently performing best – and where the gap between expectation and reality is the smallest. The most promising finding for retailers? Those shoppers who strongly agree that it is easy to find what they’re looking for are extremely likely to recommend that retailer to a friend. Of course, all 10 sectors have issues they can address immediately. Like in Off-Price, where stores could be laid out better. Or in Home Furnishings, where it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

One grocer doing it right

In the Grocery sector, shoppers’ biggest pain point is not being able to spot products that are new or special. In its Modern Market concept, ALDI’s latest store design, the value grocer capitalized on that very opportunity. The retailer put its “ALDI Finds” on more prominent display, earning itself due credit for one of its key differentiators. ALDI is a great case study for how listening to your shoppers can lead to great simple successes.

What can you do?

Over the past two decades, we have worked with the world’s biggest brands, creating transformative human experiences based on shoppers’ needs and balanced with business priorities. Simplicity and ease have always been one of these core needs, and our latest learnings can help you decide how best to bring them to life in your store – whether you’re in Development, CX, Marketing, or Operations.

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