Pop’s Coffee Co. aimed to create a unique destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike.

Business Challenge

Pop’s Coffee Co. was imagined to complement the adjacent motorcycle restoration shop – to attract locals and surprise them with a unique experience featuring amazing people with a passion for motorcycles. To help this ambitious idea come to life, Big Red Rooster envisioned and designed the entire brand and customer experience, including brand identity, visual merchandising, store design and architecture, and marketing communications.


  • Provide brand strategy and design leadership – creating the brand voice, a consumer journey map, and brand visual identity kit
  • Envision a retail environment that puts the customer first by creating a destination flexible for their needs
  • Adapt the floor plan and customer flow to be successful for launch during a global pandemic
  • Design every detail of the experience – including staff uniforms, packaging, merchandising, and extending the brand to website, social media, promotions, and the loyalty program

Pop’s continues to rapidly grow and is planning to expand the brand in the next year.

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