A new small format concept that extends the brand into high opportunity urban locations

Business Challenge

Krispy Kreme was opening a small-format store in New York City and needed to ensure that despite the smaller footprint, the space would exude the brand’s signature design and sense of “doughnut theater”. Big Red Rooster was brought in to develop this Fresh Shop format, designed to bring the Krispy Kreme brand experience to life in a small footprint space that would be effective for rollout into New York, where real estate is pricy and hard to come by.


Design a recognizable and memorable small format store that exudes the brand and sensory experience of Krispy Kreme’s iconic large format stores while adapting to the constraints and opportunities of the New York market.

Make the storefront an inviting beacon, drawing customers in for a taste of fresh doughnuts.

Heighten the localized experience, using architectural materials and finishes of the surrounding historic neighborhoods.

Solve the challenge of drawing in customers with enticing product presentation and clearly visible doughnut cases.

Incorporate the production line into larger stores for a full sensorial experience.

Penn Station remodel store was the highest performing store in the portfolio upon reopening


New 994 6th Avenue store had the highest sales per square foot for an opening

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