Champion needed to capitalize on its growing fanbase and their desire to connect with the brand online

Business Challenge

As the brand’s most important direct-to-consumer touchpoint, the website needed to communicate authenticity, significantly enhance the user experience and increase sales. Using a fresh and real approach to photography for brand storytelling and product imagery, simple and intuitive user interface, and a seamless check-out experience, the website became the brand’s hub to the world.


Grounded in the 2020 retail vision platform, True Colors, a vibrant and authentic design was developed to connect with the target consumer. Integrated dynamic video, animated content and a new photography style communicated the authentic brand story.
Smart and intuitive navigation features dynamic product galleries, shoppable content and re-prioritized categories based on the very latest search data. Product detail pages and the entire check-out experience were improved for an easy and seamless shopping process. The entire mobile experience was revamped, focusing on getting users to the shopping cart faster.

Since 2019 launch, we’ve seen new user increase of 8%, with an overall increase in total users.


Session times (content consumption) have increased by 31%.


We’ve also seen an 87% increase in revenue and an overall 63% conversion rate.

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