Rheem is a 100-year old brand that still has an entrepreneurial spirit – and the company wanted to infuse into its digital presence the same spirit of innovation that goes into its products. Big Red Rooster was ready to help reimagine Rheem.com.

Business Challenge

A frustrating user experience can inspire customers in search of HVAC and water heating products to look elsewhere. Rheem needed an easily navigable site that would engage users, encourage them to explore solutions, and then connect them to the next step in the buying process. And Rheem needed all of this to be done in a minimum of clicks, on a mobile-friendly platform that’s easy to expand and evolve over time.


All the cutting-edge user experience improvements really clicked with customers, leading to a dramatic lift in site engagement. Users are browsing and viewing more page content, on more pages, for longer periods of time.

57% increase in pages viewed per session
27% increase in time on page
30% improvement in session duration

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