&Pizza wanted a trusted partner to help execute unique design concepts that push the limits of what’s possible within the space.

Business Challenge

&Pizza was looking for a strategic partner to help them create unique and exciting design concepts on a site-by-site basis. As a partner, Big Red Rooster brought a dynamic mix of architects, designers, and project managers to work closely with &Pizza and develop different designs based on locations, landlord requirements, and more.


First, we convert design concepts into construction documents, while also providing recommendations on design concepts, layouts, and code compliance. We managed a team of expediters, consultants, MEP engineers, and structural engineers and served as a consultant during permitting and construction phases. We assisted with site assessment and survey selected sites to confirm suitability, feasibility for challenging jurisdictions. We provided a full set of architectural documentation with a detailed scope of work of permitting and ensured consistently with documentation from construction through the permitting process. Finally, we tackled multiple sites and programs at once, increasing efficiency and moving up timelines.

Our results included a rollout of 50+ locations and a 3+ year relationship, serving as the sole architect for all &Pizza locations.

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