Bridging legacy with the future of work to create a powerful new expression of the mission and vision

Business Challenge

With 100+ years of history under its belt, Westfield Insurance needed to breathe new life into its rich heritage, and its ground-up campus addition was the perfect catalyst. Together, Westfield and Big Red Rooster embarked on the Westfield Workplace Transformation Project to create an immersive visitor and employee experience.


To focus on celebrating Westfield’s rich heritage while guiding it into a positive feature, we set out with the goal to inject brand experience into the new campus addition as a catalyst for transformation. Next, we conducted a visioning session to identify and align on opportunities for meaningful environmental branding in key spaces. We then leveraged the company’s expansive history to forge the new and true identity and experience elements to create a dynamic, future-forward vision. This involved analyzing visitor and associate journeys, mapping high-impact experience zones, and developing a toolbox of brand components to form the basis of the brand’s expression. Finally, we worked to scale the concept across the campus and to 40+ service sites across the country.

  • 95% completion of connector and branding
  • Ongoing extension of campus refresh
  • Increase in company pride
  • Increase in brand and cultural engagement
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