Pure Fitness wanted to bring its high-quality, affordable gym concept from the UK to the US while keeping the needs of local gym users in mind.

Business Challenge

Pure Fitness was looking to enter a new global market amid a global pandemic. As a partner, Big Red Rooster brought a combined team of architects, designers, and projects managers that demonstrated that with a commitment to collaboration and the right technology tools, delivering on a brand concept is possible, even under challenging circumstances.


Focused on major design features and systems, including the movement of people throughout the space. Reimagined the gym’s unique “pod” entry to provide both access and security throughout the gym’s 24/7 operations. Enabled QR codes to open a set of sliding doors that welcome members into the facility. Update locker room concepts. Conducted a simulation of how gym members would use the space to determine the layout and what amenities to include and prioritized privacy. Featured high-end finishes and unisex restrooms. Partnered with Shim Stone Design in New Jersey for a lighting concept that will carry through to all US gyms.

The first location in Tysons Corner, VA, opened in January 2022, with two additional openings slated for this year

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