Big Red Rooster lays down benchmarks for retail experience.

Indoor skydiving and punch-fueled karaoke are surely worthy retail center experiences, but for most retailers, the nature of “experientiality” is more elemental. That was the conclusion of a press conference in a booth of the ICSC RECon Show in Las Vegas yesterday, where JLL released a study identifying six “dimensions of retail experience.” They are:

Intuitive: Shoppers find quality products, new items, and find them easily.

Human: They have favorable interactions with knowledgeable associates.

Meaningful: Retailers make a difference in shoppers’ lives, who feel a sense of pride when shopping their stores.

Immersive: The exterior and interior of the store are captivating and shoppers enjoy spending time there.

Accessible: Shoppers can shop where they want — in stores or on websites — and the retailer knows their preferences.

Personalized: The experience is how shoppers want it, with associates who understand their unique needs and can satisfy them and offer rewards based on past behavior.

JLL’s Big Red Rooster unit asked 2,000 shoppers to rate 20 national retail chains on these traits based on recent experiences. Receiving the five highest aggregate scores were Apple, Victoria’s Secret, Ulta Beauty, Bath & Body Works, and IKEA.

“Our goal was to create new benchmarks to better understand how well retailers are meeting shoppers’ expectations,” said Big Red Rooster managing director Stephen Jay. “This is just a starting point in measuring how people rate their retail experiences.”

Originally published:

May 22, 2018 – Article by Al Urbanski

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