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Transforming your business starts with redefining how your brand engages with people. In order to realize game-changing ideas in the market, we’ve created an end-to-end offer that allows our clients to work with us from ideation through implementation. These integrated practices ensure continuity, drive speed to market, and facilitate exceptional brand experiences.

Strategy Consulting


Uncovering actionable consumer insights and defining strategic growth opportunities.

Research & Insights

Creating experiences that engage and motivate consumers requires understanding their wants, needs, and actual behaviors. We start with analysis of your existing information, including anecdotal, to assess the need for primary research. Then we create and execute research plans that use the right methods — journey mapping, segmentation, surveys, shop-a-longs, ethnography, and more — to reveal valuable new insights that will drive strategic solutions.

CX Innovation

True innovation — breaking from “the way it is” — requires a non-traditional approach to generating ideas. Using techniques that allow consumers and stakeholders to dream and express their thoughts, feelings, and latent needs, we identify opportunities for how the future can change for the better. We test and implement these strategies and tactics to optimize and harmonize your customers’ end-to-end experience — and your business performance.

Retail Strategy

In every client engagement, our full-service retail consulting identifies opportunities to evolve and enhance your retail operations. Through facilitated visioning sessions we lay the groundwork for brand positioning, format strategy, communication hierarchy, omni-experience, and other strategic initiatives. Deliverables codify the frameworks, platforms, and strategies to guide the design and development process, and, ultimately, grow your business.

Corporate Culture

We develop cultural models for embodying your brand’s mission, vision, and values throughout the workplace experience. By mapping and analyzing the current state of your company culture, we identify gaps and opportunities for developing language, behaviors, artifacts, and ceremonies that effectively enculturate your employees. Our workplace strategies result in a culture that achieves employee engagement, fulfillment, and empowerment.

Guidelines 360

Internal agreement on design and implementation can be overwhelming when rolling out change. We excel at strategically aligning internal teams to consolidate and organize information across your business. We streamline, optimize, and structure all the details, making them accessible through an intuitive and comprehensive website. With new tools for consistent, efficient, and cost-effective implementation of your brand experience, you’re back in control.


Planning, visualizing, and embodying immersive brand experiences that fully engage people.

Experience Design
Branded Environments

We uniquely fill a void between 2D branding and architecture to fully express your brand in physical spaces. We design experiences — campuses, innovation centers, showrooms, and tradeshow exhibits — that reflect your brand mission, vision, and values through the environment, visual communications, amenities, technology, and more. We actively demonstrate your brand to attract, engage, and retain high-value customers and top talent.

Retail Design

We design retail spaces — from flagships to pop-ups — that fulfill the untapped wants and needs of shoppers in a swiftly changing retail landscape. Our design strategy is embodied in in-store environments that stimulate positive perceptions while engaging customers in your products and services. Immersive, multi-sensory design integrates everything customers touch, see, hear, and smell to deliver a unique, memorable, and desirable brand experience.

Retail Planning

Our floorplans are rooted in the customer experience and fulfillment of operational needs. Starting with preliminary bubble diagrams, we illustrate experience zones that optimize the journey and make the space intuitive to navigate. The natural flow drives customers through the space, exposing them to a majority of core categories. Our final floor plans detail traffic patterns, service point locations, adjacencies, and space allocation for departments and categories.

Visual Merchandising

Visual presentation has become a lost art in retail, but our deep merchandising bench-strength gives us an advantage in curating your products to tell engaging product stories while achieving capacity. Bubble plans organize core categories and pinpoint key presentation areas for strong strike points — impulse, upselling, and cross-selling. We design a system of fixtures, displays, and communication that showcases your unique assortment and makes your product hero.

Interaction Design

In a pervasive digital age, the power of human interaction can set you apart and deliver a great customer experience. With an understanding of your customers’ shopping missions and modes, we map journeys that give them the right options for when and how they interact with touchpoints — staff, product, graphics, or digital. From greeting, advice, product knowledge, and transaction, we program and script how staff interact with customers, then design the needed selling tools.

Brand Marketing


Finding better ways to tell your unique story and delivering new ways to connect with people.

Brand Development

From defining a relevant brand positioning to creating a differentiated visual brand identity, we’re the architects of compelling brands. We do competitive research, naming, positioning, identity design, and messaging architectures for retail concepts, new products, and new or refreshed brands. Our work cuts through over-saturated markets, builds excitement and engagement across organizations, and sets the foundation for a strong future of brand equity and organizational growth.

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is critical to your organization because it articulates the vision and sets the direction for all marketing activities. We define the activities and how each delivers on measurable business goals. Our collaborative process adds value on an annual basis, prioritizing activities to budget realities. The strategic, integrated plan is a roadmap of activities that are tied to market opportunities and aligns the business to deliver a strong, singular voice for your brand.

Activation & Awareness

In today’s over-saturated market, it’s more important than ever to break through the clutter. We create engagement through design and delivery of multi-sensory experiences that drive consumer awareness and action. From brand awareness campaigns to retail activations, we bring brands to life through omnichannel experiences so consumers can form long-term, meaningful relationships with brands.

Integrated Communications

We look holistically at all paths to purchase to ensure that all forms of communication and messaging are carefully linked together. We make sure communications are consistent and connected across all your points of presence to support your brand identity and story. We’re agnostic to the medium, so we look in-store, online, out-of-home, and beyond to deliver on the plan and meet your unique business goals.

Digital Experiences

We expertly weave the power of technology into the marketing ecosystems we create. From websites to video content to interactive retail experiences to digital marketing campaigns, we bring your vision to life by designing user experiences that are intuitive and sticky. We create and refine brand-right content that gets attention from the get-go and increases consumer involvement on a deeper level.


Seamlessly implementing big ideas in the marketplace with measurable bottom-line benefits.

Design Management
Architectural Services

We integrate our comprehensive architectural services with strategy and design for efficient realization of your vision. With experience in architecture in a diverse range of businesses — restaurant, retail, and airport — we adapt our clients’ design across formats, from flagship to mall to strip center to shop-in-shop to kiosk. We’re multi-state licensed as Architect of Record nationwide, which means we can quickly engage and get rolling.

Prototype Development

We seamlessly bridge the gap between design and execution with fully developed prototypical construction documentation sets. Prototype sets are designed to exemplify your brand design, specifications, operations, procurement processes, and store development. Our lead architects add value by evaluating and setting new prototype processes, specifications, and details that reliably meet cost, schedule, and quality goals.

Multi-unit Rollout

With experience and skill in high-volume rollout, we execute clients’ annual and seasonal real-estate development plans nationwide and globally to ensure efficient, consistent implementation. We manage all the details — deliverables, schedules, costs, and design integrity. Our long relationships with landlord-tenant coordinators, city plan reviewers, and health departments position us to navigate and expedite the permitting and approval process.

Project Management Services

Our globally integrated approach to project management services is guaranteed to deliver on time and on budget.

JLL Project & Development Services (PDS)

Packaging Production

We design and develop packaging for winning brands across diverse categories and channels. Great packaging draws shoppers in and engages them with both brand story and product knowledge. Our proprietary workflow system allows us to methodically deliver 10,000+ pieces of artwork to printers every year. Our design and production teams combine creativity and precision to deliver printable, compliant, and consistent packaging for some of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers.

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