Creating Next: Workplace Re-Entry Communications.

Communicating safety and empathy with a re-entry campaign.

As the global pandemic slows and states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, employees will be re-entering facilities across the country – and consequently, re-entering a “new normal”.

Critical messages must be communicated to these employees to first, promote understanding and adoption of their adapted work environment, and second, to provide empathy and comfort.

Our team has developed a re-entry communications campaign to help our clients and their businesses safely begin re-entry.

Though we craft nuanced messages for each client, our overall objectives of each re-entry campaign remain the same:

1. Welcome back and demonstrate gratitude to employees

2. Inform and instruct on organizational changes and necessary safety measures

3. Reassure ongoing dedication to employees’ continued health and well-being

To support re-entry efforts, we developed a simplified approach for creating a branded re-entry toolkit. Included in our approach is a strategic communications plan, campaign and messaging development, and a set of digital and physical communications tactics to drive awareness, understanding, and adoption of on-site changes.

Understanding that needs vary across workplace environments, from corporate offices to manufacturing plants, we customize the toolkits to meet each business’ specific need while utilizing the company’s tone of voice.

Every touchpoint along the employee journey is considered, beginning with pre-re-entry – which occurs 2 weeks before employees are welcomed back on-site. With many employees working remotely, initially, we identify which digital tactics will capture their attention in their current work environment. Our goal is to drive awareness with employees of what to expect, acknowledge changes, celebrate the positive stories, and lay the foundation for a new focus on safety.

When employees arrive on-site, the messages that are in the parking lot, the entryway and reception, outside the conference rooms, and even at their desks are critical to promoting understanding at every point in the workplace journey. To feel safe and comfortable at work, employees need to be able to identify what has changed – and why.

After employees have been on-site for 2-3 weeks, messaging can shift to drive adoption and acceptance. This is where we begin to look ahead to the positive future for each client and brand. We communicate the long-term goals for the organization, and rebuild culture using new dynamic tools and tactics.

Re-entering the workplace in a safe and positive way will continue to build employee engagement, ensuring your brand and business come through this changing world successfully as we work toward a brighter future.

Contact us to help you reimagine what comes next.

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