“Everyone has the right to a well-furnished life,” according to VCF’s new brand vision. They partnered with Big Red Rooster to design a store that reinforces this vision and shifts the brand from a furniture showroom to a home furnishings retailer.

Business Challenge

Before Value City Furniture underwent a brand refresh to VCF, the store struggled to differentiate itself from competitors. Through strategic visioning facilitated by BRR, VCF stakeholders aligned to evolve from a traditional furniture showroom to a home furnishings retailer through style, value, and world-class service. Together, VCF and BRR integrated this strategy into a store experience that is intuitive, easy to shop, and inspirational with a splash of “aha!” to exceed expectations.


We designed a store of the future which capitalized on storytelling and technology in a way that was scalable, flexible, and impactful enough to be the new benchmark for the VCF brand.

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