Office Depot wanted to be known for so much more than office supplies. But after merging with OfficeMax, they knew they had to get creative. From strategic merchandising to a detailed graphic communication system, Office Depot partnered with Big Red Rooster to reposition its brand and store design.

Business Challenge

A real estate burden and growing online competition were pressing challenges after Office Depot’s merger with OfficeMax. To drive growth and operating efficiencies, they partnered with Big Red Rooster to develop a strategy to ‘go big’ on solutions and services in a higher-producing yet smaller footprint store. Through merchandising that helps customers solve problems and a communication hierarchy that reiterates the solution message, the store of the future design expresses more than office supplies to customers.


In addition to writing, copyediting, and consolidating content for the guidelines, we created content for the branded design of the spaces. This included determining and specifying branding, artwork, furnishing, fixtures, and finishes.

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