Lynchburg, Tennessee is home to the oldest distillery in America: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Each year, brand loyalists make the pilgrimage to take part in the heritage of the distillery tour. In order to extend the immersive tour experience to the Town Square shopping experience, Brown-Forman partnered with Big Red Rooster to redesign the Lynchburg Hardware & General Store brand experience.

The redesign of this historic establishment was filled with importance—for the town, the Brown-Forman company, the Jack Daniel’s family, and the Lynchburg residents. It was critical that the new store was as authentic as Old No 7 Brand.

We began the process by getting immersed in the brand and spending time with Lynchburg’s colorful characters and local business owners. In Lynchburg, everyone and everything has a story—many of which have become legendary. The heritage of storytelling became the platform for graphic design and communication.

By examining the merchandise mix, identifying better adjacencies and enhancing product presentation, we created more opportunities to showcase licensed goods.