American Express signature experiences take off at elevated JFK airport lounge.

The lounge experience leverages the comfort of knowing what to expect with the delight of new surprises.

The bold blue doors in Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport are the latest destination for many frequent fliers. American Express premium Card Members know what to expect when they arrive at an American Express The Centurion® Lounge, but that doesn’t mean each arrival doesn’t hold the excitement of a new experience. The latest airport lounge boasts the familiarity Card Members crave, inspired by New York City architecture and history.

“The lounge experience we’ve created with American Express is a distinguishable card benefit that can’t be replicated by others,” said Beth Dorsey, Vice President, Big Red Rooster. “Amex Card Members appreciate the consistency of the experience and amenities but enjoy the varied flavor as they travel to different lounges.”

Local flavor in the new JFK lounge includes:

Exterior branded façade
Inspired by the NYC subway murals and handcrafted in Italy, the mosaic provides a textural branded expression of The Centurion namesake.

Private escape spaces
Intimate phone rooms that appear to be floating in the space can be found throughout the lounge to offer private escape spaces for travelers. Each room is inspired by a color, a decade, and New York architecture.

“1850″ Speakeasy experience
An intimate speakeasy setting inspired by 1920s design, offers artisan coffee by day and adventurous cocktails by night, designed by Centurion Lounge mixologist Jim Meehan. A hidden entrance door is marked with “1850” signifying the name of the lounge and nodding to the year American Express was founded.

Multi-purpose room
A multi-functional living room for guests and their families, featuring a whimsical floor-to-ceiling wallcovering. A media wall offers cubbies for toys and TV entertainment, while allowing guests to charge their electronics.

We have partnered with American Express since 2009 and collaborated on thirteen Centurion Lounges worldwide. All Centurion Lounges offer touchless restrooms and mobile check in for a seamless and safe entry.

“We seek to create memorable experiences within each lounge, by using the city and culture of each location as inspiration,” said Katherine Kline, Creative Director, Big Red Rooster. “We balance consistency with localization by curating moments that are elegant but authentic. From handcrafted finishes, custom designed textures, and vintage artifacts, we play with texture and tone to craft truly one-of-a-kind environments.”

For more information, please see the American Express Centurion Lounge case study.

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